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Go Healthy 3-Section Portion Control Lunch Plates with Lids (Set 2)

Go Healthy 3-Section Portion Control Lunch Plates with Lids (Set 2)

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Introducing the Go Healthy 3-Section Portion/Nutrition Control Plates with Vented Snap-Tight Lids!

Managing portion sizes can be a real struggle whether you're at work, school, or on the go. Given that we spend a significant amount of time in these settings, it's crucial to have a solution that supports healthy eating wherever you are.

Our covered, sectioned to-go plate is a top choice among customers. Created in collaboration with dietitians, this plate empowers you to make mindful food choices and adhere to current nutritional guidelines, aiding in weight management, blood sugar control, and metabolic health.

Inside the box, you'll find  9-inch covered to-go plates divided into 3 sections for precise portion control. Crafted from durable BPA-free, microwave-safe, dishwasher-safe, and freezer-safe plastic, it features an easy-sealing lid with a venting plug to prevent spills.

Eating a nutritious lunch has never been easier or more enjoyable, even when managing weight, blood sugar, or metabolism. With Precise Portions' designer portion control dinnerware, success is within reach. Are you ready to reduce health risks, achieve fitness goals, and feel great doing it? Start today!

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  • Great for work, school, travel, picnics, and beach outings
  • Completely BPA-free and microwavable friendly
  • Snap-together lid and base with 3 separate compartments and adjustable vent holes
  • Each section holds precise amounts of non-starchy vegetables, protein, and starch/grain for dietary balance

Our system is rooted in research by Penn State University and the Harvard School of Public Health, focusing on ideal plate portions, the impact of starches on blood sugar, the importance of vegetable intake, and the role of water and healthy fats in maintaining overall health.

Precise Portions is founded on proven dietary and nutrition science, offering a system of balanced proportions and optimized caloric intake for sustainable weight management.

If you struggle with maintaining a healthy diet, let Precise Portions help you better manage your weight, blood sugar levels, and special dietary needs on a daily basis.

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