The WelFore Way

A nutrition buddy right in your pocket

With the WelFore app, you’ll never have to guess what to eat, when to eat, or feel like you’re on a wellness journey solo. With predictive suggestions based on your specific data, you’ll have a cheerleader in your pocket who knows you better than yourself. 

  • Cloud-based measurements
  • Your progress all in one place
  • Access to a community & chat

A single place, all about your journey

Within the app’s personalized dashboard, you’ll have in view your food preferences, the times your body is most tuned to eat, cloud-based body weight scales and blood pressure records. 

The fun way to track your progress

Turning the biggest source of distraction that most of us have (our mobiles!) into our go-to champion, the WelFore app tracks your success streaks and rewards you for taking steps toward your goals.

Makes you 65% more likely to stick with it

Whenever anyone has external accountability to their goals, they’re 65% more likely to achieve them. With an app that prompts you, checks up on you, and records your nutrition wins (and struggles!), you’ll have gentle nudges & support to keep you succeeding. 

In-built community 

Because working on wellness is so much more enjoyable in the company of others, connect with the Welfore Community for support & inspiration

Cloud measurements

Connect yourself once, then track your weight and blood pressure on the cloud so you can keep measuring progress

Predictive AI

Suggesting to you meal timings/recipes just as a coach would—with the convenience of a speech-to-text function

Partner with a buddy

It’s always more fun having a human buddy to learn nutrition skills with, cook together, and hit health goals with. With our in-app chat function & a subscription model that encourages you to partner with someone else, we make it so much easier to get buddied up.

Join like-hearted & inspired others

With a community within easy access from your device, you can join others trying to hit wellness goals and draw from it support & inspiration. Share your experiences, hacks, struggles, and achievement - so as a worldwide community, together, we can all live our best life.

Welfore App is launching soon

It’s going to be worth the wait! We have tested it once, now we are testing it twice before we send it off to you! It is not just an APP, but a whole personalized experience, designed just for you, your personal circumstances, your food preferences and your health goals. Our novel approach has been over a decade in the making and we cannot wait for you to try it and see success, not just for you, but for those around you as well. Sign up now to be one of the first to experience the rich and rewarding experience coming to you soon from WelFore Health!