No more guess-working Nutrition 

Instead of reading up on diets that were never made for you to stick to, our dietitian will create meal plans aligned with your preferences—so you can enjoy nutritious versions of your favorite dishes, while shedding those extra pounds. 

  • Included for all paid subscriptions
  • Available as a stand-alone service 
  • Custom-made meal plans 

When science meets the foods you love

Once you book an appointment with our dietitian, they’ll be the ones listening. Tell them all about your health background, the foods you love, and what you’d never touch—and they’ll create custom meal plans for you that fuel your body with needed goodness. 

Optimizing your health, so you never have to think about it

One of the biggest frictions on a wellness journey is the amount of researching, thinking, and deciding that goes on. With done-for-you meal plans that holistically take care of your health while keeping you satiated: you can shrug off that drag and start hitting your goals consistently.

Based on what’s worked for all types of people

The Welfore Health way is entirely based on what’s worked for real families & individuals over the past 15 years. Nothing’s theoretical or here because it “sounds” right—we’ve gathered all the proven stuff so you feel the benefits. 

Improving sleep

By nourishing your body with foods that trigger sleepy hormones

Managing weight 

With meal plans designed for purposeful eating to look your best

Controlling blood pressure

From our dietitian suggesting delicious meals that don’t rely on salt

Just one fraction of the plenty we help you with

Joining Welfore Health, you’ll get sorted with a dietitian-created meal plan—as a very first step. When people are supported throughout their journey—from tracking their daily progress through a gamified app to accessing a community that celebrates every win—that’s when the magic clicks. 

Get a dietitian’s insight, whenever you need it

For those who just want a dietitian assessment to get a blueprint of what eat to look their best & feel their best: simply choose a time that suits you best, and our dietitian will get in sync.

For businesses mindful of their employees

For companies and institutions looking to offer wellbeing support for their important employees, patients or clients, we provide Enterprise-specific subscriptions for a fun & easy lifestyle of nutrition.