Turning the switch on your employees’ wellness

On a mission to tackle diet-related diseases across the generations on a large scale we provide a way for institutions & corporations to foster a gamified, nutritious lifestyle to support your employees’ wellness.

By combining a predictive app, reward systems, culturally diverse nutrition plans, and an action-taking community, we’re here to help make healthy eating easy, enjoyable, social, and full of life for your people.

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On a mission to slash medical costs & uplift quality of life

When looking at the woes of medical costs, hospitalization rates, and re-hospitalization, many of their roots tie back to diet-related diseases. By creating the most comprehensive, nutrition-based support for a way of eating that’s nourishing, fulfilling, and sociable, our mission is to cut medical costs & rehospitalization rate by 30%, workforce productivity by 10%, and boost productivity by at least 10%.   

Everything your employees would need, to support a long-term lifestyle change

A personalized “Nutrition Buddy” app

Nutrition Plans with colorful foods 

Cookbooks & heritage-inspired Spice Blends 

It’s time we switched the generational script

Embedded in our society’s language, experiences, and expectations are struggles with diet-related diseases and desperate diet inventions—all of which inevitably have an impact on the workforce—and we believe it’s time for a shift. By tackling a problem that spreads through generations, we’re committed to making our social script be about feeling our best, looking our best, and showing up to work being our most productive.

Ed & Ann Marie Stephens

Founded from wanting to help our families

It was over 15 years ago when Ed & Anne Marie Stephens wanted to help their families struggling with diabetes. Tons of research, hard work, and life-changing results later, they knew they had something that could bring a profound shift for our entire society. 

And WelFore Health is the culmination of that a full of life approach to nutrition that’s never about deprivation, but support of people holistically with one goal as the objective: to make them succeed over the long-term, so they can live in health & pass their ways down the generations.

Let’s do the big together 

There’s the expectation that people from African America, South Asia, and other minority ethnic backgrounds will more likely develop diet-related diseases but to us, we think it’s a matter of prevention.

Through making nutrition easy for people a fun skill they learn and see direct results from our vision is to enable prevention through enjoyment, clarity, and more social bonding. And we’d love to make it a reality, in collaboration with as a business.

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