Note from Founders, Ed and Ann-Marie Stephens

Your ours too

Wanting to help our loved ones gain control of their healthy eating habits, weight & blood sugar levels, we spent years researching, trying everything we could, and thinking beyond past norms to help them…and it was hard work paid off. 

It was those massive changes we saw in them, the impact their reclaimed health had on all their close ones, that we decided to take a bigger leap. Because we knew this was never just about our families—but a problem with roots across countries and down through generations. And it was time to change it…

Helping people look & feel their best in a way they want to stick to

When people turn to diets & protocols to look their best, they’re almost always short-term fixes they’d never want to stick to. And to us, that’s the root of the problem.

By showing people a vibrant, enjoyable way of eating, supported by a rewarding app, and exciting cookbooks & heritage-inspired, salt-free spice blends—our goal is to make them want to keep eating the nourishing way that improves their quality of life, while still losing extra pounds

Dream work that takes teamwork


Ed and Ann-Marie Stephens

Ed and Ann-Marie Stephens are product development engineers who started Precise Portions to help their own families and other similar families who were stricken with Type 2 Diabetes.

Lead Dietitian

Robin Nwankwo MPH, CDE, RD

Robin Nwankwo is a Certified Diabetes Educator & Registered Dietitian with demonstrated excellence in community health. She has 30+ years experience with The University of Michigan Health System supporting diabetes self-management education.

Lead AI Specialist

Michael Thompson PhD

Michael Thompson is an expert in Bayesian and probabilistic modeling applied in deriving insights into and predicting behaviors of people, markets, products and processes in the consumer goods industry. A 20+ year Procter & Gamble Alum.

Lead Nutritionist & Flavors Development

Tessa Brown Downes

Full time Nutritionist who consistently exhibits caring and sensitivity for all who work with her. She will bring that care and her passion for not compromising on great flavors to the task of delivering meal plans & guidance that members love.

Over 15  years of results across diverse families

We’re always cautious about health protocols being “pushed on us” and not based on different cultures thriving. Since the beginning, our focus was the day-to-day realities of people: What makes them feel good? What’s easy for them to keep up? Because once we found those: people themselves were sharing it, inspiring others, and spreading our mission.

Bringing families together

Our struggles with optimal nutrition and healthy weight management & health are never our own. What we know about eating and movement are passed down to us, and what you make of it you’ll pass onwards too.

Our mission is to turn individuals into Chief Nutrition Officers of their households, who can share fun and easy ways of nutritious eating, moving, and dancing—so that across generations, we can all enjoy the wealth of health & treasure life.

Supporting heritage foods as medicine

Our world is a beautiful place of such rich & diverse cultures. We believe in bringing in all different cuisines, ways of gathering around meals with families, and cultural inclinations to movements like dance into our lives.

There’s joy and wisdom in each culture, and solutions for our health should be answers beyond what might be exclusively studied in Northern America.

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Let’s collaborate together

For the big vision that drives us, we always knew it would take many others joining us. Whether you want to bring WelFore Health to our own community or collaborate with us in any other way, drop us a message so we can get connected.