The single, all-included

way to look your best

& feel your best

The single, all-included way to look your best & feel your best

Combining a gamified app, made-for-you meal plans, a vibrant community, and so much more—we’re here to show you the fun, easy way to get into your best shape ever.


People leading healthier lives

Track foods you eat in the colors of the rainbow - instead of counting calories

Flipping the frustration 
of your efforts not working

When you’re up against industry marketing, you’re up against plenty. They make you focus on counting calories and going on depriving diets—interventions that help you take a step forward, but in the long run, make you feel like you took two steps back.

For those who want to improve their wellness—sustainably, for their health—we’ve created a proven approach where your nutrition isn’t a matter of numbers: but about eating what you love and feeling full of promise, while naturally losing weight. 

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Making you Chief Nutrition Officer of your family

Food is social, and we believe in celebrating that. Instead of avoiding family dinners or dreading falling off the wagon, we’re here to equip you with the skills to make family favorites nutritious while still tasting amazing.

For long-term changes, that spreads life to everyone

With an app that shows your progress, meal plans, and measurements all in one place, it’s so much easier for you to see each day through and get rewarded for it. 

Post your wins in the community section. Chat with others & share your experiences. And learn a way of nutrition that you want to stick to—and inevitably, pass onto others.

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Bring your family or friends along

Because striving for a goal is always more fun with the buddy system, our subscriptions are purposefully made to encourage you to recruit family or friends on your journey to optimized wellness.

Confidence-boosting cookbooks, you’ll love to have in your kitchen 

Meal plans starring heritage dishes

For those who love nothing more than diverse, cultural dishes: let our dietitian know what flavors you enjoy most, and they’ll create satiating meal plans that take care of your whole health.

Vouched for by everyday people

How we’ve helped people from all backgrounds thrive in their wellness

"I was able to do with my data from my blood pressure from the app, when I went to go see my cardiologist, I was able to pull that up and show him the numbers, whatever in the study. I did at least once a week. So I was able to show him the trending numbers from the study, from that app, which was good."

"You do, you lose friends along the way, but it's all right with me. I'm healthier, and I've lost weight, and I can fit some clothes in my closet, so it's fine with me. They can continue eating that stuff if they want to, but for me, I just made the adjustments, had conversations with people, let them know I'm not eating that anymore."

"I liked the educational portion of the videos. The videos were short, to the point, and not so long until you fall asleep. And the actions afterwards were doable. Not a whole lot, we just do it."

Frequently asked questions

What makes your nutrition program different?

This isn’t a short course. A library of recipes. Or a wellness app that supports you in a limited way. Welfore Health was made to help anyone, anywhere, succeed in every possible way—by nurturing you through a nutrition education, giving you the confidence to cook meals that you love, and making progress towards your goals rewarding & sociable. 

Why would I succeed this time?

Everything about Welfore Health was created from what we saw worked over 15 years for those struggling with type 2 diabetes. We discovered that when nutrition was made easy, fun, accessible, and enjoyable—unlike most programs out there—then people followed through in the immediate and long term. And that’s the system we’re bringing to you. 

Do I need to do this with someone else?

No, you can definitely do this alone. But we always encourage you to do it with a buddy simply because of how much more effective, fun, and rewarding it will be. The way we eat is a very social part of our lives—and our mission is to spread the wisdom of good nutrition up and down the generations. 

How does your app fit in?

The Welfore App is the hub that brings everything together—within your mobile. With a fun app that lets you track your progress, view cloud-based measurements, chat with others, and instantly view your meal plans, it’s so much more incentivizing to see through your wellness goals. While we do provide a free plan for anyone to join, you can access full features on any of our paid plans.

Thinking of your employees?

If you’re here as a company or institution, we’d especially love to show you what Welfore Health can bring to your employees, patients or clients. By making optimized nutrition fun and easy for them, you’ll directly help cut medical costs, boost productivity, and improve the quality of life for everyone.