The marketing world has made food our enemy. Even small kids fear eating food just to avoid gaining weight. This is how big organizations program little minds. Food is and always will be our friend. It’s not about what we eat. It’s about how much we eat. We talk more about it in our free webinar.

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Our Story

We are Ed and Ann-Marie Stephens.

Like many Americans both of our families were stricken with Type 2 diabetes. We have seen firsthand how challenging it can be to enjoy a healthy lifestyle while trying to cope with a disease that degrades quality of life. We spent years compiling information, and doing everything they could to help their loved ones deal with their conditions, and control their weight and blood sugar levels.

All our research and hard work and innovative thinking produced great results in their family members. In 2007, we decided to share what we had learned through a diabetes information portal. On that back of that excellent work, we connected with a range of committed medical and nutrition specialists.

In 2010, we noticed that the medical research and patients’ clinical results shared one common element: the need for a healthy nutrition plan as the key to controlling weight, blood sugar, metabolism and even mental focus and energy levels.

With our families’ doctors advising us to practice portion control, we turned to registered dietitians and other health professionals to develop a portion and nutrition control system that would be easy to use, affordable and medically sound. And thus, Precise Portions was born.

Research Outcome

After interviewing hundreds of health experts, dieticians and professionals, we realized that food wasn’t our enemy as the marketing machinery was indicating.

They precisely wanted us to feel bad about our weight, about our bodies, about ourselves in general, so that they could precise supplements, pills, weight loss programs, slim drinks, etc.

And for many decades it worked perfectly for them but now people are more aware. People understand marketing strategies and people are looking for more healthier ways to live a long and healthy life.

We talk more about them in our Bootcamp webinar.

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