Can Keto diet be life threatening?

“Twenty-seven-year-old actress Mishti Mukherjee passed away in Bangalore after suffering a renal failure. Several media reports cited a statement put forth by her family which blamed her ketogenic diet for her kidney failing resulting in her death. Ketogenic diets, that have emerged as the ultimate weight-loss fad, involve following a diet rich in fats and deficient in carbohydrates. In medical nutrition, ketogenic diets are recommended and applied for epilepsy and Alzheimer’s where the levels of neurotransmitters are affected. Keto diets should be undertaken only after a thorough body check and blood work is carried out to ensure that the diet will not have any side-effects”

A New Lease of Life For Your Ideal Body.

✔️ There is nothing wrong with having an ideal body but the greater intention should be health and fitness.
 ✔️ Losing that excess weight will make you feel way more energetic, excited, happy, alive and enthusiastic.
 ✔️ Being your ideal weight will prevent you from getting severe health disorders like Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Hypertension, Heart Disorders such as blockages and strokes. ✔️ A fit and a healthy body inside out will ensure that you feel more confident to get up and speak up at a professional meeting in front of the big wigs, making way for that professional growth you were always looking for.
 ✔️ A fully functional body that can run, that can swim, that can play with the kids will help you live a complete life, filled with happiness and joy.
 ✔️ An active body, a fresh body will make you feel invigorated to turn that hobby into a business, turn that career into a super successful career and turn that mediocre relationship into a “made for each other” kind of a relationship.