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10in Disposable Dinner Plate (Set of 25) Plus Nutrition Guidance Discs-

10in Disposable Dinner Plate (Set of 25) Plus Nutrition Guidance Discs-

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Precise Portions 100% Compostable 10” Microwavable Portion Control Dinner Paper Plates (Set of 25, incl. Eat & Learn System Discs) – Made from repurposed sugar cane fiber.

Where Can You Use Nutrition Portion Guidance Paper Plates:

Afraid that you might let go of yourself during an outdoor party or picnic? Don’t be! Precise Portions now introduces 100% compostable, dietitian developed, microwave-safe portion control plates that have been specially designed for use:

  • Outdoor/picnic - Portion control away from home
  • Indoor parties - Calculate the precise number of portions - no wasted leftovers
  • Save time and water by avoiding washing dishes


Why You Should Use Precise ProPortioned Nutrition Guidance Paper Plates:

Compostable means biodegradable; will break down in landfill into useful fertilizer.

You can now put food onto our fully microwave-safe tough portion control paper plates.  Then heat the food and serve your family and guests at an outdoor, or indoor party.

Our new one-time use portion control paper plates provide visual guides aid portion control in a very eco-friendly, 100% compostable package. This means our paper will quickly break down in landfills.  So easy to use – no washing needed. Just eat, learn, and discard.

More and more informed Americans are opting to control the type and quantity of food they choose to eat.  Outdoor get-togethers, picnics, office parties are great places to display your own encouragement and support for a healthier lifestyle – especially if you have guests with type 2 diabetes at the party.

For those actively fighting the battle of the bulge, calorie control is everything. Anything that helps control the quality and quantity of food calories they eat helps in their fight against obesity.

How You Should Use Portion Guidance Paper Plates:

One of the best ways to control how much of food groups we eat is through the use of visual control methods.   Ideally, serving food on smaller plates and paying attention to the type and quantity of food that is put on a plate. What better way to do it than by using our 100% compostable one-time use portion control dinner plates. Each portion guidance compostable dinner paper  plate has elegantly designed raised icons depicting the food groups for that particular section of the dinner plate. No more guesswork.  No more errors.  The presence of these raised food group icons makes it easy to make healthier food choices and the demarcated sections makes it easy to eat the right quantities. Precise Portions makes it easy to eat healthfully.

Each of our 10-inch nutrition teaching disposable plates is made from earth-friendly compostable sugar cane fiber that is not only microwave safe, it is also freezer safe and cut resistant. No more guessing as to type and quantity of food to be served. Our 10 inch dinner plates with their embedded food group icons make food selection and portion control so easy that it is practically impossible to eat the wrong type of food or to overeat. Your family and guests will thank you for being so careful about their health as well as being so environmentally friendly.

What’s in the box:

  • 25, 10 inch, fully microwaveable, 100% Compostable Dinner Plates
  • 1 set of ‘Eat & Learn’ System discs that help explain the concept – something that will be appreciated by those who are as yet unfamiliar with the concept of portion control.

The information on the Eat & Learn System discs is based on proven dietary and nutrition science and a system of improved proportions and optimized caloric intake. The Eat & Learn System discs are absolutely easy to use.

Use the Eat & Learn System discs to select your daily calorie budget, next, select a meal plan that falls within the calorie budget and then create your daily menu, absolutely easy.


  1. Microwave safe
  2. Freezer safe.
  3. Oil and cut resistant
  4. Sturdy and tough – no buckling when full
  5. 100% compostable
  6. Aids in weight control – Creates a memorable pattern of healthy food selection

Eat well and enjoy a life-long healthy lifestyle!

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