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Go Healthy All Day Lunch & Snack Travel Pack

Go Healthy All Day Lunch & Snack Travel Pack

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Precise Portions 2-2 Go-Healthy Store n Go Travel Combo Pack – Includes 2 Snap-Tight Travel Plates with 2 Vented Lids,  2 Snap-tight Travel Snack Bowls with 2 Vented Lids , a Lunch Bag with 3 Compartments, and an Easy to Read 6-Sided Quick Start Nutrition Guide.

The Precise Portions 2 -2 Go-Healthy Store n Go Travel Combo Pack is the ideal meal prep kit.  It will make it easy for you to carry healthy meals to work or to school EVERY DAY!   Now, you can carry healthy meals, healthy snacks, and water in an attractive insulated 3-compartment olive green lunch bag.  Finally, you can say no thanks to high calorie office doughnuts, meals and snacks at work with confidence.

The box contains:

  • 2 Go-Healthy Portion Control Plates made from BPA-free, microwave safe, freezer safe plastic – very safe to use. The 2 plates with snap tight lids have sealable vents to prevent popping off while heating in the microwave.
  • 2 Portion Guidance Snack Bowls with Vented Lids – Each ridge is a 2-ounce serving volume
  • 1 Quick Start Nutrition Guide –  The 6-sided meal and menu planning guide is designed to help you make healthier decisions around your daily meals.
  • 1 Store n Go Lunch Bag – This fun green and gray lunch bag has three useful compartments so you can easily pack everything you need right where it needs to be.

3-Compartments of Go Lunch Bag

  • Bottom Compartment houses your 3-sectioned portion control lunch plate your delicious home cooked meal in a horizontal plane – Guarantees no leakage
  • Center Compartment for water, morning protein-based snack, and afternoon protein-based snack – with inner pouch for an ice pack
  • Front Compartment for personal items

If you are having troubles trying to lose weight or stay fit, these diet control plates are just perfect for you.

They are divided into 3 sections with images of:

  • Non-starchy vegetables
  • Lean protein  (meat or plant based protein)
  • Starch or grains

so you can easily control portion sizes.

Taking a healthy lunch to work or school just got easier & more convenient with this Combo Pack.  You can do it.

  • Just cook a little extra over the weekend,
  •  Fill each 3-section plate with healthy choices and snap the tight fitting lid right on top. Remember to close the vent
  • Freeze or refrigerate
  • Take a dish from the freeze or refrigerator
  • Slide it into the special compartment at the bottom , then zip it!

The Precise Portions Store n Go Lunch bag has a middle compartment with enough room for:

  • Mid-morning protein-based snacks (yogurt, nuts, low-fat cheese…& more), water
  • Additional meals
  • Mid-afternoon protein-based snacks (yogurt, nuts, low-fat cheese…& more), water

When you’ve filled the large top compartment, just zip it closed and you can be confident nothing will spill! Tuck in napkins, condiments, and any other odds and ends into the front zippered compartment and you have everything you need!  its SO EASY!

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