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Kids Cutlery Set

Kids Cutlery Set

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Cutlery Set For Kids (Toddlers). Pack of 6 forks & 6 spoons set for kids. Just as little feet need little shoes to be able to properly run and play, little hands need little forks and spoons to be able to effectively eat meals and snacks. The Kids Cutlery Set is sized just right for little hands-on children aged twenty-four months and up.

Children want to feed themselves. Give them the freedom to safely practice this skill with our age and size appropriate forks, & spoons.

The bright green color of this BPA-free microwave-safe, & dishwasher-safe forks and spoons are sure to be a hit with kids of all ages. The positive messages printed on the handles spur children on to eat a rainbow of colors of healthy food choices at each meal, just as dietitians recommend that all of us do.

The ability to eat with a fork and a spoon is yet another tool adults can empower little ones within the quest to instill a lifetime love of healthy eating habits. Help teach little ones how to effectively use a fork and spoon to eat a variety of nutritious foods with these forks and spoons made just for them. Ideally proportioned to work with the Nutrition Learning System for Kids lidded plates and bowls. Microwave and dishwasher safe.

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