Precise Portions 9 Inch Porcelain Portion Control Dinner Plate for Adults and Teens


Precise Portions 9 Inch Porcelain Portion Control Dinner Plate for Adults and Teens

Product description

FOCUS portion control dinnerware is about more than weight management – it’s about…

Developing and Maintaining Healthy Eating Habits For Life
Reducing health risks and dealing with health problems
Enjoying the right foods in the right proportions for an active and healthy lifestyle for your entire family
You won’t find any plastic here – FOCUS portion control dinnerware is crafted from Porcelain China.

Your attractive new dinner plate is 100% dishwasher and microwave safe, and with important nutritional guidelines printed right on its surface, portion control has never been easier – even kids enjoy the “stay inside the lines” FOCUS philosophy (and the results it produces).

Here’s What You Get:

1 FOCUS 9″ portion control plate dietitian-designed and beautifully finished
5 daily menu planning guides these helpful daily planners are a great tool not just for you, but for your doctor or nutritionist, too, because they’ll know exactly what you’ve been up to
1 “Quick-Start Guide to Healthy Eating” a 16-page booklet with dozens of valuable tips and tricks to help you reach your goals
Eating well doesn’t have to mean constant cravings for the things you like, and it’s really easy to do because FOCUS helps you choose the right foods – the ones you already enjoy – in healthy quantities and in proper proportion to each other. Now that’s “eating well”.

Whether your goal is to control your blood sugar levels, raise your metabolism, manage your weight or just reduce your overall health risks, FOCUS portion control can help you succeed – and feel great – naturally.