Meal & Menu Planning Placemat Meal & Menu Planning Placemat
Meal & Menu Planning Placemat $21.95
The Precise Portions® Placemat Tablet – 50 is designed for Health Educators looking for the perfect material to train students & patients how to eat healthy for life. The suggestions on these placemats combined with Precise Portions® portion control dinnerware can help your patients improve their eating habits for life. What could be easier than handing out placemats that your patients can take home and begin practicing effective portion control? The Precise Portions® Placemat Tablet – 50 provides your student/patients: Easy to understand, and inexpensive tool to learn how to eat healthily and begin living a healthy lifestyleCurrent nutritional guidelines on one sideCalorie-focused menu planning suggestions on the other side.Completely customizable for your patient’s dietary requirements and a great way to keep track of their successes, day by day – All the information they need can be read while they eat.A record of meals & related info that can provide valuable insight for your doctor or nutritionistThe Precise Portions® Placemat Tablet – 50 can provide the following health benefits: Portion control for weight management Prevent pre-diabetes, and the onset of type 2 diabetesControl blood sugar levelsControl blood pressure levelsHelp your patients to improve their eating habits for life – get started today! With The Precise Portions® Placemat Tablet – 50 The Precise Portions system was developed by registered dietitians using the most current guidelines from the American Dietetic Association and American Diabetes Association. Each piece is designed with one goal in mind: to help your patient eat the right amount of food in the right proportion. — But like any winning team, they work best together! 
100 Must Have Veggie Recipes – e-Cookbook
100 Must Have Veggie Recipes – e-Cookbook $4.95
A whole 1/2 of our plates should be filled with veggies if we want to eat well and get the right balance of nutrients! Are there really that many tasty vegetables on the planet to keep that space on our plates filled each day for 365 days each year? That just sounds like we might be eating a lot of the same steamed broccoli with little to no taste each and every day. Or always having the same side of iceberg lettuce salad, that just looks too dried up or too yellow to be appetizing or even interesting. We have all been there, so you know what I am talking about! We have a solution! Introducing our newest e-Cookbook…you’ve just gotta get it! Deliciously simple! 100 Must-Have Veggie Recipes (actually over 100!) As usual, we have included some fun tips and lots of taste into our recipes! I guarantee that you will enjoy them all. There are favorites that we all love made healthy, like Crispy Homemade Onion Rings…yeah, that’s a veggie! And lots of other fun stuff like a few ways to drink your veggies! Now that sounds cool! Get it now. This will help you start the New Year off right! Don’t like it, keep the book and get your money back! 
100 Favorite Recipes Made Healthy – eBook
100 Favorite Recipes Made Healthy – eBook $4.95
We all look forward to enjoying the holidays… Who doesn’t, right? Simply having a great time and definitely not missing out on really good food! However, this is not the best of times for those of us who are struggling to lose weight because most foods served during the holidays are generally calorie and fat-laden. But now, you can buckle down and just enjoy a delightful meal with the confidence of having the right eating habits and also with the help of this E-Cookbook designed by Precise Portions. This E-Cookbook will make us realize that we don’t need to deprive ourselves of sumptuous food. Instead, it allows us to enjoy our favorite holiday foods without feeling guilty or super stuffed afterward. From hearty dessert recipes to various main course ideas, they are specifically modified to reduce the number of calories from carbs and fats but without compromising the quality and taste of the dishes being served. The featured recipes use flavorful ingredients like fresh herbs, spices, and fruits and vegetables that are in season. There are also some helpful tips and Menu Plans to guide you in preparing your holiday meals for your family and friends. Buy your copy today for easy Holiday planning and truly tasty, healthy recipes you and all of your guests will be sure to enjoy!
Quick Start Nutrition Guide-6-Panels
Quick Start Nutrition Guide-6-Panels $4.95
Quick Start Nutrition Guide-6-Panels
H20-2-GO Water Bottle Hands-Free Sling H20-2-GO Water Bottle Hands-Free Sling
H20-2-GO Water Bottle Hands-Free Sling $16.95
Why Proper Hydration is So Vital to Your Health Most of us don’t drink enough water each day and the consequences can quickly add up to long term health issues.  Here are just a few of the health benefits of proper hydration: Promotes cardiovascular health Helps skin stay smooth and supple Cools your body Promotes muscle and joint health Cleanses your body of toxins Prevents dry mouth (and unpleasant breath) With the H20-2-GO Hands-Free Carrying Case, now you can stay hydrated throughout the day even when you aren’t home!  Plus, this stylish carrying case also means you don’t have to pay for expensive and potentially unhealthy drinks when on the go.  Just refill your water bottle and you’re ready for more action wherever you happen to go! Don’t Like Water?  No Problem, Just Personalize It! Infuse Your Water with Your Favorite Fruit or Herbs We know:  Water can be a bit…boring to drink day after day.  That’s why your H20-2-GO carrying case includes online access to over 70+ water infusion recipes!  Simply infuse the water with a new fruit or herb each day for a new delicious flavor that’s delicious and helps you stay hydrated!  With over 70 water infusion recipes to choose from, you can literally try out new recipe each day for more than 10 weeks—how’s that for variety and putting a new spin on boring old “water”?! Where Can I Use My H20-2-GO Hands-Free Carrying Case? Anywhere you are on the go!  The H20-2-GO hands-free carrying case includes a top zipper closure pouch that maintains position and makes it comfortable to carry your water wherever you go.  Plus, the shoulder strap is adjustable (from 27.55” – 41.33”) so you can ensure a snug fit as you travel throughout your day.  Specifically, the H20-2-GO hands-free carrying case is perfect for: Working out at the gym Hiking Biking Camping Taking to work to ensure hydration throughout the day Literally anywhere you go! The top zipper closure pouch that maintains position to promote comfort. Comes with a 27.5in – 41.3in Adjustable shoulder straps to carry this pouch alone. Our Own Water Infusion Bottle is Coming Soon! Yes!  Our own water infusion bottle is currently in development and will be available soon!  In the meantime, our H20-2-GO carrying case is perfect for carrying most standard and infusion water bottles.  And remember:  Our H20-2-GO Hands-Free Carrying Case includes over 70+ water infusion recipes that you can access instantly after completing your order!  So if you like, you can order the carrying case today and start enjoying delicious water infusion recipes immediately while waiting for your case to arrive! Whatever you do:  Stay hydrated and stay healthy!
Kids Cutlery Set Kids Cutlery Set
Kids Cutlery Set $12.95
Cutlery Set For Kids (Toddlers). Pack of 6 forks & 6 spoons set for kids. Just as little feet need little shoes to be able to properly run and play, little hands need little forks and spoons to be able to effectively eat meals and snacks. The Kids Cutlery Set is sized just right for little hands-on children aged twenty-four months and up. Children want to feed themselves. Give them the freedom to safely practice this skill with our age and size appropriate forks, & spoons. The bright green color of this BPA-free microwave-safe, & dishwasher-safe forks and spoons are sure to be a hit with kids of all ages. The positive messages printed on the handles spur children on to eat a rainbow of colors of healthy food choices at each meal, just as dietitians recommend that all of us do. The ability to eat with a fork and a spoon is yet another tool adults can empower little ones within the quest to instill a lifetime love of healthy eating habits. Help teach little ones how to effectively use a fork and spoon to eat a variety of nutritious foods with these forks and spoons made just for them. Ideally proportioned to work with the Nutrition Learning System for Kids lidded plates and bowls. Microwave and dishwasher safe.
4-oz Scooper (Set of 2)
4-oz Scooper (Set of 2) $14.95
It turns out that much of what is recommended as a vegetable serving size, or a serving of starch or fruit is about 1/2 cup or 4-oz. How many of us really know what that looks like? So in the spirit of “Making It Easy to Eat Well”, we have decided to include this 4 oz portion control serving spoon as a part of our portion control assortment. We are calling it the Portion Control Scooper, really a Portion Control Ladle. For best results, use it for your starch and grains. That is one of the problem areas where we need the most help.