100 Must Have Veggie Recipes – e-Cookbook
100 Must Have Veggie Recipes – e-Cookbook $4.95
A whole 1/2 of our plates should be filled with veggies if we want to eat well and get the right balance of nutrients! Are there really that many tasty vegetables on the planet to keep that space on our plates filled each day for 365 days each year? That just sounds like we might be eating a lot of the same steamed broccoli with little to no taste each and every day. Or always having the same side of iceberg lettuce salad, that just looks too dried up or too yellow to be appetizing or even interesting. We have all been there, so you know what I am talking about! We have a solution! Introducing our newest e-Cookbook…you’ve just gotta get it! Deliciously simple! 100 Must-Have Veggie Recipes (actually over 100!) As usual, we have included some fun tips and lots of taste into our recipes! I guarantee that you will enjoy them all. There are favorites that we all love made healthy, like Crispy Homemade Onion Rings…yeah, that’s a veggie! And lots of other fun stuff like a few ways to drink your veggies! Now that sounds cool! Get it now. This will help you start the New Year off right! Don’t like it, keep the book and get your money back! 
100 Favorite Recipes Made Healthy – eBook
100 Favorite Recipes Made Healthy – eBook $4.95
We all look forward to enjoying the holidays… Who doesn’t, right? Simply having a great time and definitely not missing out on really good food! However, this is not the best of times for those of us who are struggling to lose weight because most foods served during the holidays are generally calorie and fat-laden. But now, you can buckle down and just enjoy a delightful meal with the confidence of having the right eating habits and also with the help of this E-Cookbook designed by Precise Portions. This E-Cookbook will make us realize that we don’t need to deprive ourselves of sumptuous food. Instead, it allows us to enjoy our favorite holiday foods without feeling guilty or super stuffed afterward. From hearty dessert recipes to various main course ideas, they are specifically modified to reduce the number of calories from carbs and fats but without compromising the quality and taste of the dishes being served. The featured recipes use flavorful ingredients like fresh herbs, spices, and fruits and vegetables that are in season. There are also some helpful tips and Menu Plans to guide you in preparing your holiday meals for your family and friends. Buy your copy today for easy Holiday planning and truly tasty, healthy recipes you and all of your guests will be sure to enjoy!